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【双语】Overseas Chinese worship ancestor 全球华人拜祖 祈福世界安康

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AUS-CHIAN TV MEDIA(ACTV) news from ZHENG ZHOU EVENING-- the daily newspaper of Henan, China, 25th March:


"No matter how tall the tree is, never forget where the root is; no matter where the river runs, never forget where it comes from!"


The grand ceremony of ancestor worship in the hometown of the Yellow Emperor this year is scheduled to be held on March 26. The ceremony will be presented in a simple and solemn manner, consisting of online worship, TV broadcast of the world's Chinese worshipping the ancestor, and expert interviews.

In order to respond to the grand ceremony and pray for the well-being of people across the world, overseas Chinese from five continents have held ancestor worship activities in succession recently, cultivating their soul with the fine traditional Chinese culture of "advocating benevolence, valuing democracy, upholding integrity and justice, promoting harmony and seeking for greater harmony".


“Same root, same ancestor and same blood; peace, friendship and harmony". Every year, overseas Chinese from all over the world will hold a grand ceremony in local areas to worship ancestor. For the first time this year, overseas Chinese from five continents worship ancestor together.


The ceremony of paying homage to the Yellow Emperor is held for the first time in France



The first "grand ceremony for Chinese people in France to pay homage to the Yellow Emperor" was held in ASSOCIATION des CHINOIS Residant en France (ACRF) on March 10, local time, lifting the curtain of the event to commemorate the Yellow Emperor, the ancestor of Chinese civilization.


Co-sponsored by China International Culture Association, ASSOCIATION des CHINOIS Residant en France (ACRF), UNESCO International Youth Cultural and Art Exchange, France-China Fellowship Committee and French Overseas Newspaper, the event was well received by local Chinese. The event will bring together overseas Chinese and the French people to fight against the pandemic. Meanwhile, it will also enable the overseas Chinese in France to have a deeper understanding of Chinese history and carry forward the traditional Chinese culture. 


"French Chinese cannot forget Chinese culture -- the root of the Chinese nation. Speaking Chinese is important to the development of overseas Chinese youth, and the western countries as well." Buon Tan, a member of French Parliament, expressed his support for the event. As a big fan of Chinese culture, Buon Tan has been actively promoting exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.


Alice DE Jenlis, Director of UNESCO's Cultural and Cooperation Department, attended the event. She said she hoped that more people could know the extensive and profound culture of the Yellow Emperor, and that such an event could continue to be held and become a "new festival" in Paris.


Since March 15, local time in the UK, homage to the Yellow Emperor, themed by "same root, same ancestor and same blood; peace, friendship and harmony", began all over Britain. The event was sponsored by the British Henan Association & British Henan Chamber of Commerce, with the help of Chinese organizations such as the China UK Technology and Innovation Platform and overseas Chinese leaders.  


With generations of Chinese travelling to the UK, they are influenced by the local culture while spreading the traditional Chinese culture. The cultural integration has nurtured the increasingly profound friendship between China and the UK. "This ceremony helps more Chinese people know the profound history of the Chinese nation and remember the heritage of the Chinese people. At this special time, we honor our ancestors, pass on our friendship, wish the pandemic an early end, and pray for the prosperity of the motherland and the well-being of the people around the world," said Wang Qiuhui, President of the British Henan Association & British Henan Chamber of Commerce.


"Whether in Beijing or greater London, we all have a patriotic heart; From the Yellow River to the global village, we cannot forget that we are Chinese," said Jin Xu, Former Minister-Counselor of the China Embassy in UK, President of China Association of International Trade, Dean of School of International Development and Cooperation, University of International Business and Economics.


Sponsored by the Overseas Yan Huang Culture Heritage Foundation and jointly organized by the US Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the US Overseas Worship Ceremony for Yellow Emperor was held in Livermore, San Francisco on March 15, local time. Inspired by the ceremony of ancestor worship in the hometown of the Yellow Emperor in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, overseas Chinese in the United States hold the ceremony every year. This year's event included the content about the concerted effort to fight the epidemic.


During the ritual of praying for China, a long scroll of calligraphy, several meters long, was slowly unfolded. The overseas Chinese leaders and representatives signed their names on the exquisite scroll, praying for the prosperity of the great motherland and the well-being of people across the world.


In the United States, Overseas Worship Ceremony for Yellow Emperor has been held for five times in a row, attracting more than 120 local societies and more than 2,000 participants each year. Local dignitaries present flower baskets and offer incense to the ancestor of civilization and the common ancestor of humanity of the Chinese nation. Affected by the local epidemic, the Organizing Committee of Worship Ceremony raised the epidemic prevention and control work to the highest level. In order to avoid close contact between people, limited number of visitors worshiped separately, and videos were shoot at different time, with the flow of people strictly controlled. The worship and song and dance performances were organized by steps. 


On the morning of March 15, a Chinese-style cultural activity kicked off in Lusaka, capital of Zambia. In front of the majestic and peaceful statue of the Yellow Emperor, overseas Chinese and Zambian friends held a simple and solemn ceremony to pay homage to the Yellow Emperor. This is the first time that the descendants of the Yellow Emperor held commemorative activities in Africa.


The grand ceremony of ancestor worship in the hometown of the Yellow Emperor is an intangible cultural heritage of China. The Zambian Chinese paid homage to the Yellow Emperor with reference to the nine rituals. The event was co-organized by China International Culture Association, Zambian Federation of Overseas Chinese, Zambian Chinese Henan Association and African Overseas Chinese Weekly, with the support of Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia and Zambian Women's Federation. Aiming to meet the Zambian Chinese's desire to "pay homage to Xuanyuan on the third day of the third lunar month", the event is a response to the ceremony of ancestor worship in the hometown of the Yellow Emperor, promoting exchanges of traditional cultures between the two countries and enhancing mutual understanding between the two peoples. 


Due to the impact of the pandemic, the ceremony was held in a decentralized approach to strictly control the flow of people according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the embassy. Visitors took turns to worship and performances were also given in an orderly manner. The Chinese in Zambia all went to the Blue Sky Hotel to pay their respects to the Yellow Emperor by themselves.


The 4th Ceremony of Worshiping the Yellow Emperor is Held in Australia


On the morning of March 21, 2020, the 4th Ceremony of Australian Chinese Commemorating the Birth of the Chinese Ancestor and Praying for the Peace of the World was held in the Convention Center in Fairfield, Sydney, Australia. The event was co-sponsored by Chinese International Culture Association, Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China and Australia Chinese Ayers Association. Affected by the pandemic, the worship ceremony this year was presented in simplified ritual instead of the grand spectacle as it was in the last three sessions, and it was broadcast live on the Internet, so that overseas Chinese in Australia could all participate in the ancestor worship as well, satisfying their deep expectation for the ancestor worship. 


Adrian Wong, representative of Mayor, councilor and Deputy Mayor of Fairfield City, said that, March 21 is the day to celebrate the traditional Harmony Day in Fairfield, and that hosting the event to commemorate the birth of the Chinese ancestor themed on "same root, same ancestor and same blood; peace, friendship and harmony" on the same day would significantly enrich the diversified culture of Fairfield. He hoped that the ancestor worship event would be held permanently in Fairfield to boost the local cultural and economic development. He also called on the unity of live audiences to build confidence in defeating the pandemic. 


Affectionate and passionate, the Ode to the Yellow Emperor, performed by the Australia Yellow River Chorus, expressed the heartfelt wishes of the Chinese descendants for the homeland. Accompanied by exquisite music, a graceful dance was given by the Chinese Dance Regiment of OZ Dance Center to pay tribute to the Yellow Emperor, full of deep love for China. The guests signed their names and left blessings on the scroll of worship text created by a calligrapher from the Central Plains in China, and hung prayer cards on the prayer tree to pray for the prosperity of the motherland.